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Thoma loves great thinkers, especially if they also happen to be accompanied by great work ethics. We accept internship applications from promising college students who have completed a minimum of two years of college coursework (exceptions made for the exceptional). The Thoma intern experience is rewarding but it is also reciprocal, which means you need to bring something to the table. Complete the form below to let us know why you should be considered. If you’re qualified and capable, we’ll be in touch to set up an interview shortly.

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Seeking herculean talent. Will settle for merely prodigious.

Thoma is one of the South’s premier brand communications firms, and as such we are constantly looking to discover the next great marketing talent — particularly writers, designers and strategists. We welcome résumés from both college graduates and established marketing professionals. Even if we don’t have a current job opening, we’d love to know about your experience, your passions and why you think you would make a great addition to our agency. Please submit all job inquiries below.

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